One of the major problems in our residence is the pest infestation, which is a very costly situation. But if you didn’t notice the infestation in the past, it could be way pricier than you’re experiencing now. If the situation is already worse, the more you’re going to spend the pest control methods because honestly pests multiply fast. The next thing you know, you’ve got a family of rodents living in your kitchen.  

Pests Infestation 

Pests will break, contaminate and nibble all the things they see. The ideal technique to reduce the effect bring is to cast off them while they’re still not multiplying. The challenge is that this is not simple as you can also think. So if you’re suffering from pest infestation, call a pest control company immediately. Meanwhile, the following are the signs of such infestation.   


The challenge we have with pests is that they’re probably going to remain at your house as soon as it finds an entrance. If you think about it, pests look for shelter aside from food. Your residence might have a lot of entry spaces and also food and water which the pests look for. This means that since they have the resources already, they can reproduce. Pests will make nests so they can stay for long-term. Beware of the areas that are less-trafficked and dark because they mostly nest there. This consists of the back of appliances, inside loft insulation and the interior wall cavities. And, the nest will smell.   


If you’re checking the areas with high threat for pests, you can start with a musky odor. Examples of such areas are the corners of your kitchen and basement. Most of the time, the awful odors that the pests leave at the back are described as having the same smell of the rabbit’s hutch. Mind you, it is not a scent that going to smell great. If you track where the smell is coming from, it will lead you to the nest.  

Damaged Wiring and Furniture 

One of the obvious signs is damaged furniture or wiring. Have you noticed a damaged chair leg? This is likely because you have a rodent lurking around. Rodents have the tendency to chunk the whole lot they see because it helps ruin their tooth that are continuously growing. So you have a lot of items that are not secured like pipes, wires, insulation, woods and plastics. To make sure, assess the skirting boards, cupboards, and different furniture portions that have high hazard of getting chewed on.   


Pests are good at hiding, but they aren’t truely silent. The best method to hear the pests is to listen to them during the night. They are very active at this hour. You might heat them running on the ceiling or the floor. Listen closely especially in the kitchen because that’s the place they always go to whenever they look for leftover.   

Those are some of the obvious signs that you are having a pest infestation. If you ever notice at least one of them, call a professional right away.